Profit and Loss

The Tabular form of the configurable chart gives you the detailed profit and loss of your business as numbers. P&L will be helpful when you want to know the exact numbers rather than trends. You can view the P&L from Orders to Returns of different Categories, Products, and Marketplaces.



Our Profit and Loss table allows you to select from critical key factors such as Orders, Units, Revenue, Est. net Profit, COGS, Returns, Refunds, Promotions, Profit Margin, Total Buyers, and Amazon fees of your business to view in a number format.


You can see the Profit and Loss based on every product category you have created in the fully-featured amazon end to end product analytics tool.



The profit and Loss table allows you to view the P&L of a single SKU or multiple SKUs using this search option. You can type in the SKU and consider the overall P&L based on the timeline selected.