Financial Split Up for Amazon FBA Sellers

Amazon FBA sellers can analyse the split-ups of charges and costs to understand the Revenue and Estimated net Profit from the Sales. KwickMetrics is one the best accounting software for Amazon FBA sellers, with the help of which all the costs like Amazon Fees, Promotions and COGS are in one place. You will get split-up for your Refunds as well.



Charges will show you the Price (the amount collected from the buyer for the item) and the Tax (the tax charge collected from the buyer for the article) of the selected item for shipment and refund.


View the amount spent by the seller for the item. This amount includes Promotions, Taxes, Amazon fees, and the cost of the product for both shipments and refunds.


Est. Net Profit

The estimated net profit is calculated after deducting costs like Amazon fees, COGS, and promotions from the item's revenue.